Cape Hillsborough National Park

Natural beauty meets diverse wildlife in the volcanic peninsula that is Cape Hillsborough National Park. It is a popular destination for nature-lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and just about anyone looking to get away from the hum-drum of city life and relaxing in the midst of nature.  

Cape Hillsborough National Park is truly like a living, breathing picture-postcard that invites you to explore its scenic landscape. Lush rainforests and rhyolite boulders form a tantalizing backdrop against the crystal-clear blue waters of the famous Great Barrier Reef. Hoop pines, eucalyptus trees, rocky headlands, mangrove wetlands sustain the native animal, reptile and bird kingdom. From tropical summers in the first four months of the year to temperate seasons during the rest, Cape Hillsborough enjoys a pleasant climate throughout.

There are many walking trails that give you the opportunity to discover over a hundred species of birds, close to twenty-species of butterflies and native wildlife such as wallabies and turtles. Learn about how the aboriginal Jupiera people used plants for medicinal purposes in the Yuibera trail and revel in the stunning views of the coast at the Andrew Point and Beachcomer Cove tracks. There are arrangements in place for people with physical disabilities, with the Diversity Trail being wheelchair-accessible for the initial 300 metres.  

Cape Hillsborough has many picnic areas within the park, with amenities such as cold showers, toilets, barbecue facilities. Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon on the beach with your family, and watch the grey kangaroos hopping on the sands, mindless of visitors. Take a romantic walk on the moonlit shores and observe crabs scuttling around in search of food.

The Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort makes your stay comfortable with camping sites, motels and cabins. The park, located at a distance of 50km north of Mackay, is children-friendly and can conveniently be accessed by road. Entry to the national park is free, but a fee is charged for bush camping in the Smalleys Beach area.