Brampton Island

 Located south of the Whitsundays Island passage, the idyllic Brampton Island combines seclusion, relaxation and fun aplenty for tourists of all ages. The well-known Brampton Island National Park covers much of this island and is showcased against the backdrop of impressive Brampton Peak, (214 m above sea level). There is so much to experience on the island that it is best to plan your longer holidays around Brampton to make the most of this unforgettable destination. What strikes you most about this picturesque island is its rich and diverse landscape. From eucalyptus forests and hoop pines to mangroves forests, the array of flora and fauna will amaze and delight. Add to these Brampton’s pristine sandy beaches, and an exhilarating walk or jog through the island’s criss-crossing trails and you will find yourself revelling in the lap of nature!

Tourists, kids and adults alike, are captivated as much by Brampton Island’s tiger butterflies and over fifty species of birds as they are by the turtles and varied marine life found in the fairy-tale blue of surrounding tropical waters. 

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to Brampton Island activities. You can divide your time between coral viewing in group excursions, snorkelling, windsurfing, scuba diving or going on catamaran cruises. Offering an excellent golfing experience, the Brampton Golf Course is a great place to unwind. If golf is not your cup of tea, then perhaps a game of beach volleyball or archery will hit the spot. And when you want a break from the sightseeing, playing and splashing around, you can rest on the pristine white sands of the Brampton beach of your choice. Brampton’s tropical climate and great views offer the perfect excuse to stay outdoors most of the time!  

Brampton’s relative seclusion has made it a much-preferred destination for couples. Serving as a one-of-a-kind romantic getaway as well as a wedding location (the island’s resort provides complete wedding facilities), Brampton is as much about the intimate dining experiences as it is about basking in the outdoors. A private sunset cruise, a scenic flight or a romantic dinner on the beach – the options to spend quality time with your loved one are many and varied. 

The Brampton Island Resort, housing just over 100 rooms, is the island’s luxury resort. Known for its first-rate dining experiences, it is currently being renovated and will be open to tourists by the end of the 2011. From lavish 5-course meals to beach barbecues and dining by the seawater-pools, you can be picky about how you want to enjoy your next meal. You can also plan a fun private picnic with your family on the beach, hiring chairs, umbrellas, and everything you possibly need. Brampton Island pampers you indoors as well – a rejuvenating facial treatment or massage in the island’s spas, wine tasting and beer appreciation classes are some reasons to stay indoors at least for a while. You can charter private flights and trips to and around the island with ease, and manage it all well within a budget.