What to Wear and Pack


The tropical climate of the Whitsundays is one of its biggest attractions. With pleasant  climate the year round, you can spend a major portion of your day outdoors! Neighbouring cities of Townsville and Mackay and also experience tropical climate.

The average temperature in the Whitsundays is about 27 degree Celsius, so you can enjoy warm and cheerful weather all throughout the year. In the summer months from December-February, the maximum temperature is about 30 degree Celsius, and during this time, you can also expect brief tropical showers. The temperatures in the winter months of June-August drop slightly to about 24 degree Celsius. With the average temperature in and around the Whitsundays being on the higher side, visitors can explore the Great Barrier Reef and indulge in sight-seeing and water sports whenever they want!

What to pack for your Whitsundays vacations

With such a fabulous weather and so much to explore, what to wear and pack shouldn’t be a major concern. You can pack light and save some room for souvenirs, gifts, and even the items you may have bought for yourself. Your packing decisions will be stress-free when you are visiting the Whitsundays.


For the day, you can pack casual cotton wear, beachwear of your choice, sarongs, shorts and singlets. Avoid carrying or wearing heavy clothing. A jacket or jumper for the evenings and winter months will suffice. Also don’t forget to pack beach towels for your beach visits.


Wearing sunglasses or carrying a spare pair is a good idea, again as protection against the sun. As far as shoes are concerned, go for open ones. Flip flops will be ideal for your trips to the beach and day-time sightseeing.


You cannot miss out on packing sunscreen. Whitsundays offers you a great opportunity to work up a tan, but you also need to protect your skin against UV rays, more so if you will be exploring the great outdoors in and around the region for most of your trip. Opt for one with a high SPF for best results. You can also carry along some aloe vera gel or cream if you happen to get sunburnt a little more than you were hoping for!

If you are required to take prescription medicine on a daily or weekly basis, carry enough dosage. While you will have no problem buying the medication at a local chemist, it is wiser to carry along at least some to last you most of the trip.

If you plan to camp at national parks like Eungella, make sure you bring along insect repellent. A first-aid box is also a must as a precautionary measure during your holidays. 

Photo equipment

The Whitsunday Islands offer so many excellent photo opportunities that it would be a crime not to bring your still camera or video camera along! It is even better if you have a water-proof digital camera/underwater camera, as this will allow you to take some spectacular shots of the rich underwater marine life.