South Molle Island

This is the one for the young and the young at heart! Want to really kick up your heels and have fun? Adventure Island is specifically designed with youth, exuberance, novelty, camaraderie and shared experience in mind. Programmed for the over 18’s, the island offers an activity-packed agenda designed to encourage you to share a great time and loads of laughs with people who are on the same fun page.

This is the place to come with your mates or to find and bond with new friends. From sunrise you can revel in your fill of organised activities or just languish in the pool, stroll the famous walking tracks, bag the golf course, sunbathe, explore … catnap, chill out …whatever. And from sundown, the nightlife takes over - music, sing-alongs, snuggling under tropical fronds and joyful partying with the possums well into the night. Truly a holiday experience you'll be telling your grandkids about in decades to come.