Hamilton Island

If it's good enough for Oprah?... Well, let's say her researchers and "Team Aus" sure knew what they were doing when they selected Hamilton Island as a focal point for the December 2010 "Australia" television show specials!The TV diva stayed at the luxury private Resort Qualia, which offers the most modern of comfort and facilities. It proved the perfect sanctuary from which to explore the Island's numerous features via a fun buggy ride. These include new world class facilities at the recently launched Hamilton Island Golf Club; the impressive and imposing multipurpose Hamilton Island Yacht Club and the Island's sympathetically developed wildlife sanctuary. As well as many other top-of-the-line hotels, homes, apartments and hostels, Hamilton really epitomizes everything the Whitsundays have to offer: pristine beaches, awesome coral formations, gorgeous natural lagoons, totally intact natural forest and wildlife habitat and perfect weather - an amazing mini cosmos in the middle of Wonderland