To the south of Mackay in Central Queensland lies the charming town of Sarina, which is fast becoming a popular stop for the tourist crowd. There is much to do in and around Sarina. It is an important centre for the growth and milling of sugarcane, cattle-rearing and agriculture. Sarina blends rural with modern impeccably. On the one hand, it is close to beautiful coasts and mountains, and on the other, it is home to golf courses, bowling alleys and squash courts. The accommodation options in Sarina are also varied enough to meet different tastes and budgets. 

Salonika Beach and Freshwater Point are two spots which present excellent boating, fishing and picnicking opportunities. If you want to catch a glimpse of egrets, black swans and white herons, a visit to the Lake Barfield bird sanctuary is highly recommended. 

Sarina is home to beautiful parks and reserves - Cape Palmerstone, Blarney Environmental Park and Mount Hector Environmental Park are all worth a visit. Sarina locals are friendly and hospitable. If you are visiting between November and January, ask them for the best places to see nesting sea turtles – this is one experience you certainly won’t forget.

You cannot come to Sarina and not visit the Sarina Distillery. Not only is it the first alcohol distillery in Australia, but also the country’s biggest. Sarina Sugar Shed is a must-visit too– it is the country’s only completely operational miniature sugar mill-cum-distillery. Even as you explore the sights and sounds of this quaint town, make some time for the Sarina Tourist Art & Craft Information Centre, and pick up local crafts as souvenirs to remember your trip by.